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2023 Workplace Campaign

From Surviving to Thriving

It’s been proven: United Way Workplace Campaigns are more successful when they include incentives, fundraisers, and lots of donor appreciation. Who doesn’t like being pampered, enjoying some goodies, or having fun with co-workers for a good cause? Fun is contagious and making your campaign fun can make a big difference on the outcome.


What will and won’t work for your campaign depends on both your workplace environment, employee culture, and what is allowed and/or possible within your company. Be sure to have your events and incentives approved in your organization as necessary to avoid any legal/scheduling/safety complications.

Incentive Ideas

Time Off

Many companies say this easily grows campaign participation. This incentive may come in the form of an extra full or half-day off for employees who donate at a certain level, or maybe all employees who participate will be entered into a drawing for some extra paid leave.

Free Food

Nothing draws people to a morning event or presentation like good-old coffee and donuts! Or, if your employees aren’t morning people, how about a “snack bar” with some popular candies, chips, and beverages (HR approved, of course).


We’re talking t-shirts, water bottles, phone chargers, and all other types of “branded” giveaways for employees who participate. These can be designed with the United Way logo, your organization’s logo, or even your campaign slogan. Note: Want to get your hands on some United Way shirts? Contact us at 423-220-1229 and we’ll help you out!

Incentive Ideas

Casual Day for United Way

Casual Day for United Way! This is probably the second most popular incentive/fundraiser in workplaces with a professional dress code. Consider giving “passes” to wear jeans/ t-shirts on scheduled days for employees who participate.

Primo Parking

Who doesn’t like scoring up-front parking, or nabbing that sweet parking spot that keeps your car in the shade in the summer? If practical, consider “reserving” a few of those spaces for a week or month for employees who give at a certain amount, oruse them in a drawing for people who participate in the campaign. This can also easily be turned into a year-round fundraiser for your organization!

Prize Drawings

Employees who participate or those who donate at or above a certain level will be entered into a prize drawing. Suggested prizes include sports tickets, gift cards, gasoline cards, days off, techno gadgets and accessories, and primo parking spaces. When in doubt, ask employees what they would really like to win and use that!

Frequently Asked Questions

How long should a workplace campaign run?

The average campaign runs for one to two weeks, which is usually enough time to kick off your campaign, effectively promote United Way and make your ask without overwhelming your colleagues.

When should our workplace campaign take place?

Most campaigns run between August and November, but they may happen at any time that is best suited for your organization.

How can employees give?

United Way offers several options. Through the use of our pledge forms, employees can give before taxes through payroll deduction or a one-time gift. There is also an option to give on our website.

When does payroll deduction start?

Payroll deduction typically runs from January 1-December 31. However, United Way does not set your payroll schedule. It is a decision made within your organization.

How do I work this into my schedule?

The best way to run a campaign without being too overworked is to recruit a committee and delegate. Work with you United Way representative and let them know your limitations. This will allow you to come up with a plan that fits both your organization’s needs and your busy calendar.

Can my colleagues designate their donations?

As a service to donors, we make it possible to designate your donation to a program or other 501c3 agency. However, the direct investment of your gift to United Way will make a profound impact on our community. Instead of addressing just one issue, we are working to address some of the biggest needs in our region.

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