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percent of households in the east tn highlands region are either living below the poverty line, or are one unexpected expense away from the poverty line.

United Way of East TN Highlands fights for the financial stability of our community by partnership with programs that work towards improving the financial stability of our neighbors through financial coaching, financial assistance and career development opportunities.  In 2020, a new ALICE (Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed) study was released to provide this information to us so that we can find the most vulnerable families. To learn more about ALICE, click here.

 Concerned about your monthly expenses? Consider getting help from the Appalachian Opportunity Fund

Appalachian Opportunity Fund was born out of the work of a $230 million dollar financial institution serving central Appalachia. From 2014 through 2018 the credit union developed an impactful financial coaching model that changed the lives of hundreds of people. When the credit union discontinued the program in 2019, former employees came together to keep the impactful financial coaching program alive.



United Way of East TN Highlands fights for the health of our community by partnering with programs that provide physical, dental and mental health care to our most vulnerable neighbors.


United Way of East TN Highlands fights for the education of our community by partnering with programs that work to ensure that children and teens have access to material, instruction and support they need to be successful students.

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