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The number of low-income households with children in our community

United Way of East TN Highlands understands the effects that household income levels can have on the education of the children in the home.

With nearly 8,000 households (with multiple children on average) in our community who are struggling, living paycheck to paycheck, we are focused on education initiatives and programs that empower our children to break the cycle of poverty for future generations in their family.

The community effects of education

Low education levels can have a significant impact on the community in many ways, affecting crime, taxes, economic development, and quality of life for the residents of the area.

A lack of educated workers can decrease the potential for economic growth in the community, this can lead to a decrease in the overall quality of life for the residents of the area, as people may struggle to find jobs and economic opportunities, leading to an increase in poverty and crime.

our approach

A strong foundation

According to the Early Development Instrument (EDI), we can see the gaps in early childhood education, specifically in the birth-to-five ages. We are actively looking for programs to invest in that focus on this stage of life for the children of our community.

proficient reading

On average, more than 50% of our children are unable to read proficiently in 3rd Grade. A vital point in their lives when they shift from learning to read, to reading to learn. We invest in programs that work to empower students in this area.

tutoring & mentorship

Tutoring & mentorship programs are incredibly valuable to students living in an ALICE household. Low-income homes are statistically more likely to have under-performing students. We invest in programs that increase accesibility to resources for these students.

Fit For Success

The Fit For Success program lives inside of our local school systems, giving our teachers and administrators the ability to not only identify children in need of clothing and supplies, but go the extra step to provide items to them at no cost to the teacher or student.

Be the solution


$10 monthly

Can provide access to reading assistance to 2 children that they need to thrive educationally.

$20 monthly

Can support tutoring and mentoring for up to 5 children in our community.

$50 monthly

Can empower a classroom of 12 to break the cycle of poverty for future generations.

$75 monthly

Can create incredible opportunities for nearly 20 children in our community!


United Way of East TN Highlands fights for the health of our community by partnering with programs that provide physical, dental and mental health care to our most vulnerable neighbors.

Financial Stability

United Way of East TN Highlands fights or the financial stability of our community by partnering with programs that assist individuals and families with basic necessities as well as career training, financial management skills and protection for the elderly from financial abuse.

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