filling the gaps in EDUCATION


the estimated amount of children that are still underserved in our communities.

United Way of East TN Highlands works to strengthen the education of our community and success of our youth by partnering with programs that work to ensure that children and teens have access to the materials, instruction and support they need to be successful students.

Local agency support

Our existing agencies support the children in our community, providing a wide range of opportunities including educational programs, leadership and skill development, character building and more!

Fit For Success

The Fit For Success program lives inside of our local school systems, giving our teachers and administrators the ability to not only identify children in need of clothing and supplies, but go the extra step to provide items to them.

How much does it cost to help?


$10 weekly


$45 monthly

Can provide professional mental health counseling for struggling individuals.

$25 weekly


$110 monthly

Can give a pair of siblings in a low-income household access to afterschool care, snacks and even a dinner to eat.

$40 weekly


$175 monthly

Can provide financial planning to a struggling family, free of charge, setting them on a path to a financially stable home.


United Way of East TN Highlands fights for the health of our community by partnering with programs that provide physical, dental and mental health care to our most vulnerable neighbors.

Financial Stability

United Way of East TN Highlands fights or the financial stability of our community by partnering with programs that assist individuals and families with basic necessities as well as career training, financial management skills and protection for the elderly from financial abuse.

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