2021 Book Drive

Aarushi Raj, a Science Hill high school student, has partnered with United Way of East TN Highlands to host the 2021 Book Drive that will benefit children attending local schools.


The 2021 Book Drive was brought to life from the mind of Aarushi Raj and her desire to share her love of reading with other children in the community. Aarushi is a Science Hill student and credits her love of reading to her days in elementary school where she grew to love the Fudge series, starting with Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing. To start the drive, Aarushi is donating Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing so that it can live on in another classroom and inspire others to find their love of reading from it. She now enjoys literary classics written by Jane Austen, Charles Dickens and others.

For many, our schools and classrooms are the only place that children have the opportunity to pick up a book and fall in love with reading. In our area, more than 60% of our children are unable to read at grade level by the time they reach the 3rd grade. At this point, it is very difficult to catch back up without consistent access to books of varying reading levels. Books that are donated will be distributed to schools in our community who are in the highest need of having more books in their classrooms for the students. 

Read Aarushi Raj’s full statement here -> Why It Matters To Me


how to support

For those interested in donating books to the 2021 Book Drive, you can bring them to our various donation sites including:

– United Way of East TN Highlands Office (1907 N Roan St., Suite 409, Johnson City, TN)

– Indian Trail Intermediate School (307 Car-Mol Dr., Johnson City, TN)

– Lake Ridge Elementary School (1001 Lake Ridge Square, Johnson City, TN)

– New Student Media Center – 2nd Floor of ETSU’s Culp Center (412 J L Seehorn Jr Rd, Johnson City, TN)

If you prefer to support this initiative monetarily, feel free to make a donation below. We plan to use the funds donated to this initiative to purchase more books for any under-represented reading levels from the books donated. For example, if all books donated are at a 5th-8th grade reading level, we would use the funds to purchase books at the 2nd-4th grade reading level.





2021 Book Drive Donation

Personal Info

Donation Total: $30.00

Aarushi Raj, United Way of East TN Highlands Book Drive 2021

aarushi Raj

“I believe that every child deserves to have access to the books that he or she wants to read. I want to share the joy of reading with other young readers so that they can also explore new worlds.”

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